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Disposable Cotton Hand Gloves We provide high quality of the disposable hand gloves single layer It is good for once time use. Very Useful in Hospital Clinic Labs Garden etc
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Tuff N Lite hand Gloves Lrf Techsolutions are deals with Safety Protective Gloves, Supplier of Safety Products in bulk Quantity with Quality Products. Heat resistant synthetic leather palms, Synthetic leather palm and fingers with reinforced index finger and thumb crotch for durability Flexible, padded EVA knuckle protection Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure, Hook & loop cuff closure with pull onclip in loop Machine washable
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Rubber Hand Gloves LRF GROUP we are leading supplier, manufacturer, exporter in Reusable Washing Cleaning Kitchen Garden, gloves for kitchen cleaning, rubber hand gloves, rubber hand gloves for cleaning, gloves for cleaning, reusable gloves, garden gloves, hand gloves for kitchen washing etc. This Kitchen gloves are highly stretchable but makes it fit snugly on hand, for a perfect tight fit. flock liner to the glove, combined with the flexibility of the nitrile film.
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PVC Gloves LRF TECHSOLUTIONS Provides excellent abrasion resistance and protection from most fats, acids, and petroleum hydrocarbons.
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Silver Shield Gloves LRF TECHSOLUTIONS Offers highest level of overall chemical resistance. A couple downsides to Silver Shield gloves: very expensive to use on a regular basis and remove quite a bit of dexterity due to the bulkiness of the gloves. One option to regain some dexterity is to wear a nitrile glove over the silver shield glove. May be good for extended use.