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Nice Boom Barrier Lrf Group provides all types of Boom Barriers to supply and support including site visit with product customization for entrance control. We offers best prices and value for money products along with integration support for entrance control. The products includes different types of Tripods, Turnstiles, Flap barriers and Swing Lanes for low, medium and high security applications. Features: Accurate and safe operation with encoder Anodized aluminum boom Slow down speed adjustable
Five Main types of fire extinguishers Water type Fire Extinguishers Powder Type Fire Extinguishers Foam Type Fire Extinguishers CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers We specialise in all types of Fire Extinguishers New Fire Extinguishers, We Install Long lasting and reliable Fire Extinguishers. Refill Expired fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers AMC Contact for Fire Safety Consultancy and Free Quote For Fire Safety Products in Mumbai - Thane- Vashi Navi Mumbai- Kalyan- Dombivli
LRF GROUP we are leading Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter of Hand Gloves, safety Gloves, Protective Gloves etc. Cotton and fabric gloves: These can keep hands clean and protect against abrasions, but may not be strong enough to handle work with rough or sharp materials. Coated fabric gloves: This type of glove can provide protection against some moderate concentrated chemicals. They can be used in laboratory work provided they are strong enough to protect against the specific chemical being handled. Rubber, plastic or synthetic gloves: These types of glove can be used when cleaning or working with oils, solvents and other chemicals. Leather gloves: These should be used when welding, as the leather can resist sparks and moderate heat. The risk of cuts and abrasions also can be minimized by wearing leather gloves. Aluminized gloves: These gloves are recommended for welding, furnace and foundry work, as they provide reflective and insulating protection. Kevlar gloves: These have a wide variety of industrial applications. They are cut- and abrasion-resistant and provide protection against both heat and cold. Chemical/liquid-resistant gloves: Several types of gloves help protect against specific chemicals: Butyl rubber gloves: nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and peroxide Natural latex/rubber gloves: water solutions or acids, alkalis, salts, and ketones Neoprene gloves: hydraulic fluids, gasoline, alcohols and organic acids Nitrile rubber gloves: chlorinated solvents
We @ LRF Tecksolutions Wholesaler Supplier of All types of top quality fire extinguishers, Fire Alarm & Detectors, Hydrant System Safety Products at best price
Night Vision Camera We are leading supplier of Night Vision Camera and our product is made up of good quality. We offer CCD Night Vision Camera. This is a color CCD video camera employed a 1/3” Color CCD. The camera provides standard resolution and different view angle of lenses are selectable. Features: * Excellent picture quality with standard resolution * Resolution 380 TVL, Lens 3.6mm * Satisfied Min. Illumination 0.5 Lux / F2.0; 0 Lux (20 meter IR ON) * IR LED: 24 units Infrared LED * Effective Range: Over 20 Meters * Automatic IR trigger-on under low illumination * Automatic IR off under normal illumination * Water Resistance: IP67 * Built-in Auto Electronic Shutter * Signal-to-noise ratio more than 48 DB