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Modular Automatic Abc Type Fire Extinguishers LRF GROUP INDUSTRY presents the modular type MAP powder Automatic fire extinguishers which keeps guard and extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently. In the event of a fire, Modular type Fire extinguishers activate automatically, spraying the extinguishing agent with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently. Automatic round the clock protection Available in individual units or as a complete system Automatic Detection and Suppression System together in a single unit quite unlike any other system available in the market Automatic, hence no human involvement, reducing the chances of injury and accidents to virtually zero Proves to be the most economical when compared and no surface repaying Reusable cylinder as it is not based on aerosol technology. Hence, most economical Non-Freezing and long lasting Provides securities in case of emergencies and power failure without power backup Extinguishing agent is also available with Mono Ammonium Phosphate Powder Advantage Rechargeable and easy to service Easy to Handle LRF GROUP OF Industry We also Deals with Products: Fire Safatey|Personal Protection Equipment|Electronic Security
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